Sunday, May 27, 2012

Riley's 9th birthday

So Riley is now 9!!! In some ways it has gone really fast, but other times I can't believe that he is only 9! Now that Ryan and I have him somewhat figured out, we are able to dissolve a meltdown or stop one before it starts. He is still our easiest child to raise and can easily entertain himself. He's content with one or two friends but for the most part would rather keep to himself and read a book, play his DS or the Wii, or play on the computer. He really excels at school and has come a long ways as far as managing his behavior. His teacher says he's the least of her worries and that was a great thing to hear this year! He earned his wolf badge for boy scouts and enjoys that weekly outing. He currently is playing baseball after a two year break and we're thinking it's not his sport, but thank goodness no one has been hurt...yet (there are still 4 games to go!) Riley is a really good kid and Ryan and I are proud to be his parents! We spent the day at Boondocks in Kaysville and had a great time. Sheree's parents joined us for a game of miniature golf and cake and ice cream. Riley loved the go-karts, laser tag and water boats. He even got to do the batting cages for the first time. He was a great help with Brock and Tyler and it was a great family outing!
For his birthday, he finally got the much awaited for fishing pole, so I guess we have to finally take him fishing. He also got several books, PokePark 2 for the Wii and money and gift cards. He was super happy with all his presents and is content for a little while!

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