Sunday, May 27, 2012

Riley's 9th birthday

So Riley is now 9!!! In some ways it has gone really fast, but other times I can't believe that he is only 9! Now that Ryan and I have him somewhat figured out, we are able to dissolve a meltdown or stop one before it starts. He is still our easiest child to raise and can easily entertain himself. He's content with one or two friends but for the most part would rather keep to himself and read a book, play his DS or the Wii, or play on the computer. He really excels at school and has come a long ways as far as managing his behavior. His teacher says he's the least of her worries and that was a great thing to hear this year! He earned his wolf badge for boy scouts and enjoys that weekly outing. He currently is playing baseball after a two year break and we're thinking it's not his sport, but thank goodness no one has been hurt...yet (there are still 4 games to go!) Riley is a really good kid and Ryan and I are proud to be his parents! We spent the day at Boondocks in Kaysville and had a great time. Sheree's parents joined us for a game of miniature golf and cake and ice cream. Riley loved the go-karts, laser tag and water boats. He even got to do the batting cages for the first time. He was a great help with Brock and Tyler and it was a great family outing!
For his birthday, he finally got the much awaited for fishing pole, so I guess we have to finally take him fishing. He also got several books, PokePark 2 for the Wii and money and gift cards. He was super happy with all his presents and is content for a little while!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Riley - Sports

I neglected to put Riley's football pictures on the blog last fall. He played football for the first time and it was so fun to watch him! He had practice 4 nights a week for 90 minutes and then a game on Saturday. This lasted for 2 months- August and September. They had him try out several different positions and he did really well at all they had him do. I need Ryan here to tell me the names of the positions, so I'm sorry that I don't know! Toward the end, he was playing receiver and caught 2 great passes in 2 different games to give his team a crucial first down! Those were my favorite moments and I screamed loud enough for all to know that I was his mom! :) He's been taking his football to play at recess and is looking forward to playing again this fall!

This past January and February, Riley has been playing basketball for the second year. He has loved it and has done much better! He was the starting "jumper" for all games, except for the last one. He also scored in almost all of his games, was a great defender, and a great team player. There were a couple kids on his team who were good players, but would hog the ball a lot. I was proud of Riley to be attentive and share the ball with all his teammates. He loved basketball and will continue to play city ball in the future.

We have signed Tyler up for Spring soccer and both boys have said they want to do baseball. I am hesitant signing Riley up, but he has really matured in the last year and I think that he can handle it. It has been nice to keep the boys busy and give them an opportunity to pursue their talents.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


I know that I have neglected the blog for the past few months and so much has happened. I have had a hard time the past 2 weeks and needed to just write down my blessings.

*I am grateful that Riley has had a great 3rd grade year! Not once has he had a behavior issue or had to spend any time in the principals office. January was the toughest month last year, but this year has been fantastic! He is currently playing basketball and loving it. He has scored a basket in all 3 games thus far as well!

*I am grateful for a healthy winter. I have only had to miss 1 day so far this year due to sick kids. We have had the occasional cold here and there and the boys have all thrown up, but it's mostly been on weekends which has been really nice!

*I am grateful that Ryan isn't working for his former employer anymore and has found a job that he likes and feels needed and appreciated. Unemployment was truly a blessing for our family. It was so nice to have Ryan home with the boys for 4 weeks! He found a job sooner than we had anticipated but it was the job meant for Ryan! We still can't believe that he has only worked for home builders, but hey, he's good at it!

*I am grateful for my job. Sometimes I complain that I work, but 70% of the time, I'm glad that I do work. I think it keeps my mind working and it keeps me from being depressed and focusing too much on things that I don't have.

*I am grateful for our timeshare. We have literally used almost all our points because we love to vacation. We are so excited to be able to stay at the Grand Californian in August and be right there by California Adventure. We're hoping that cars land will be open and August can't come soon enough!

*I am grateful that I have 3 very healthy active and smart boys! They are all super cute and fun and are still momma's boys. I love each one of them to pieces!!! I just wish that I could have a baby girl, but need to accept the fact that it's not going to happen and be happy with the 3 boys that I have been blessed with.

*I am grateful for my beautiful, cluttered, messy house and I dont care what anyone else says. I have 3 boys who like to play. I don't care if there are blankets and cushions on the floor because they decided to build a fort. I don't care if there are dishes left in the sink or on the table because at least we were all able to eat and play together as a family. Lately, when I've gotten home, Brock just wants to play with me and yes, I get frustrated cause I want me time, or need to cook dinner, but I also know that he needs to spend time with his momma playing! One day when the kids are all gone, I will have a nice neat orderly house. But in the meantime, if you don't like it, then don't come over! (Or come over and help us finish the basement, so we can move our mess downstairs!)

Friday, January 6, 2012

My Family

I know that it's been forever since I last posted and so much has happened! But I wanted to post a picture of all of my family that was taken outside the church for my grandma's funeral. It was the first time in 3 years that my parents and their 5 kids and 14 grandchildren have been together. So here it is.

On the far left is my youngest Sister who is holding her son and is pregnant with her 2nd boy and her husband. Next to them in the red skirt is my sister Alisa and her daughter and then her husband is holding her son behind her. Next to her is my brother Jeremy and his wife and their identical twin daughters and 2 sons, one of them my dad has. My parents are in the middle and then in between us and my parents is my older brother Brandon and his wife and 4 boys and she's pregnant with her fifth baby, but not sure if it's a boy or girl yet. Maybe if it's a girl, then I might try for another baby, a big maybe! And then of course there's us. Riley looks huge compared to all the grandkids, but he actually has 2 older cousins! We're hoping that he'll be as tall as my brothers and not his dad! :)

We really did have a great time spending a couple days with my family, knowing that we might not be able to make the venture there this summer. It was also great to see my cousins and their families and of course to see grandpa and say good-bye to grandma. We were able to see her in August and she remembered all my kids names and we had a great chat! Soon after she had a stroke and things went downhill. She was ready to go home and how nice would it be to go "home" when you were ready. She was an amazing woman with a great heritage and I need to follow in her footsteps!

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Tyler wanted to play city soccer this year, so we let him! He was kind of shy at first but had a neighbor boy named Parker that was on his team that helped break him out of his shell. His favorite position was goalie and he was really good at it! He never scored a goal but was close a couple of times. His team only one 2 games, but I think that Tyler enjoyed it enough to want to do it in the Spring again. In fact, he keeps asking when he can play soccer again and I said after the snow comes and is gone again. Here are some fun pictures from soccer.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Rate My

So I got on to load pictures of the boys fall sports but decided to google Ryan's name to see what would come up, since he is searching for a new job and just wanted to see what employers would find out about him. So then I had to google my name too and my school homepage came up and right under that I saw rate your teacher, so I clicked on it to see what there was and 2 students have rated me! Only one of them wrote comments and here is what he/she had to say:

"She is a way good teacher. She can come across as a **** though. She is really strict on her work and when it's due. DON'T BE LATE ON THE WORK. But she helps you understand the math."

So I guess that's not too bad and just had to share! Hopefully this weekend I will get Tyler's soccer pictures and Riley's football pictures on the blog. And Ryan has an interview tomorrow morning so please pray that this will be a good job for our's even in Layton!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Clark County Fair

On Friday August 5 we were able to go to the Clark County Fair in Vancouver, WA. This was the first time that I had been back to the fair since 1999! It was also going to be the first time that Ryan was going to go, but he had to fly back for work so we got to go with the help of my parents. Friday morning was opening day so they had a free pancake breakfast and free admission between 8-11. We got there about 10 and ate about 11. The boys ate really good too. Then it was time to go on the rides! Grandpa Dave took Tyler to do on the little kid rides while Grandma Sharla pushed Brock around in the stroller as Riley and I got to do all the big rides.
The first ride that Riley wanted to do was the ring of fire. I don't think I have ever been on it and it wasn't the best ride to go on right after breakfast! It rocks back and forth 4 times and on the 5th time you barely go around and then you go around for a few times and then you barely make it over and then it switches directions. Riley got scared and I don't think we'll ever go on it again, but it sure was fun!

We did several other rides and Tyler was able to go on a couple of the bigger rides.

It was overcast in the morning, but was great in the afternoon! We ate lunch with my parents and then went to see the animals and spent a good hour doing this. All 3 boys loved seeing all the different animals and were able to pet them.

At 4 we went back to the house so that Brock and Tyler could sleep. Of course, they slept in the car and as soon as we got back they were wide awake again. So I left Brock with my parents and took Riley and Tyler back and we stayed until 9:00. We all loved it...the only one missing was Ryan!